AFCEA and SPI Co-Sponsored our first Entrepreneurial Breakfast with:

Special Guest Speaker

Anne Arundel County Executive

Laura Neuman 

Anne Arundel County Executive Laura Neuman, accomplished Entrepreneur, was our Special Guest Speaker at our AFCEA/ SPI Entrepreneur Breakfast in Belcamp, MD. Ms. Neuman spoke on "Why I did it, How I did it", discussing decision points and choices made with Ms. Neuman's uniquely positive perspectives and motivations, to succeed in business and in public service, and to assist and guide others to succeed. Ms. Neuman was a tremendous inspiration. 

Colonel Ed Rothstein, President and CEO of the Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation spoke on the initiatives that Anne Arundel County is implementing to assist and support Entrepreneurism in the County. 

The Entrepreneur Breakfast group included AFCEA members, SPI's VEP2013 graduates, Heather Campbell representing Senator Ben Cardin, and Elizabeth Janney of the Patch News Group. 

Many thank yous to County Executive Neuman and Colonel Rothstein for traveling from AA County !







William Belknap, Veteran, CEO of aEONRG, LLC. :

 “Attending and then learning from and implementing the takeaways at the Veterans Entrepreneur Day event, sponsored by Startup Partners, Inc., was instrumental in finalizing my business plan as well as providing me access to additional partners and coaches that directly led to my company’s first year of success. Within one year of becoming operational, aEONRG, LLC reached its goal of over $1M in federal and state construction and facility service contract awards. Because of its outstanding growth and commitment to its community, on May 22nd 2014, aEONRG, LLC received the Chester County SCORE Small Business Award that was officially recognized by the Chester County Commissioners, Pennsylvania House of Representatives and Senate and by a United States Congressman and Senator. Thank you Angela and SPI for your assistance in launching us!!



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Entrepreneuring is a plus-sum game.  This means that an entrepreneur adds value, solves problems, and the results are a creation of wealth through profits, both for the Entrepreneur and the Customer.   All involved can win.


Compare with:

Þ Wall street is a zero-sum game.  At the end of the day, there are winners and losers.


Þ Theft is a negative-sum game. At the end of the day, both the thief and the victim lose.


How is Entrepreneuring a Plus-Sum Game?

Delivering Quality and Excellence

Adding Value

It was an entrepreneur who developed the backhoe—  The entrepreneur thought of a way to put a shovel onto a motorized vehicle— added value to the shovel and the vehicle.  This saves the builder from having to use a shovel to dig a hole, ultimately saving hundreds of hours.  The builder builds better quality houses much faster. 

¨ The entrepreneur sells the backhoe at a profit. 

¨ The builder sells more quality houses at a lower price and still makes a healthy profit.

¨ More people can buy houses at affordable prices.  They profit from living in a quality home.


Solving Problems

Before 1910, gas-powered lamps were used to light rooms and hallways in homes, apartment buildings and offices.  There were huge problems with this.  It was very dangerous because people got sick or died from the fumes, and buildings could catch fire easily.   Several people developed the light bulb and found ways to deliver electricity to illuminate streets and buildings, using the lightbulbs, in an affordable way.  Thomas Edison was one of them. 

¨ Edison and others solved the problems caused by dangerous gas-powered lamps by providing illumination and safety, sold their lightbulbs and delivered electricity at affordable prices —  making a profit.

¨ People who used the lightbulbs and electricity didn't get sick or die from fumes, could work learn or play much longer— profited from a better lifestyle;  shopkeepers kept their shops open for longer hours— profiting from the additional sales;  baseball games could be played at night;  and much much more.


The Computer:  the development and constant improvement of personal computers and computing devices— which are available to everyone— make it easier and faster to perform many functions—and in less time:  communicate, calculate, perform accounting functions, prepare proposals, identify organisms, and much much more.  

¨ The user of the computer profits from getting their work done in less time and in using the computer for play; 

¨ The receiver of the work in less time profits; 

¨ The entrepreneur who makes the computer profits.


The Internet:  A technology developed at DARPA, and globalized by Silicon Valley.


Smartphones:  Introduced by Apple, Inc. of Silicon Valley.  Gliobalized by Apple and others to enable communication for people throughout the world, regardless of the presence of fixed infrastructure. 


Bottom line:  Entrepreneurs Create Wealth—

By adding value ...solving problems

 generating profits for Themselves, Customers, and Investors.



Note:  This is not intended as legal advice, but, rather Operational and Startup Information of past experience.  Your situation may be different than those explained here.

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