AFCEA and SPI Co-Sponsored our first Entrepreneurial Breakfast with:

Special Guest Speaker

Anne Arundel County Executive

Laura Neuman 

Anne Arundel County Executive Laura Neuman, accomplished Entrepreneur, was our Special Guest Speaker at our AFCEA/ SPI Entrepreneur Breakfast in Belcamp, MD. Ms. Neuman spoke on "Why I did it, How I did it", discussing decision points and choices made with Ms. Neuman's uniquely positive perspectives and motivations, to succeed in business and in public service, and to assist and guide others to succeed. Ms. Neuman was a tremendous inspiration. 


Colonel Ed Rothstein, President and CEO of the Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation spoke on the initiatives that Anne Arundel County is implementing to assist and support Entrepreneurism in the County. 


The Entrepreneur Breakfast group included AFCEA members, SPI's VEP2013 graduates, Heather Campbell representing Senator Ben Cardin, and Elizabeth Janney of the Patch News Group. 


Many thanks to County Executive Neuman and Colonel Rothstein for traveling from AA County !






William Belknap, Veteran, CEO of aEONRG, LLC. :

 “Attending and then learning from and implementing the takeaways at the Veterans Entrepreneur Day event, sponsored by Startup Partners, Inc., was instrumental in finalizing my business plan as well as providing me access to additional partners and coaches that directly led to my company’s first year of success. Within one year of becoming operational, aEONRG, LLC reached its goal of over $1M in federal and state construction and facility service contract awards. Because of its outstanding growth and commitment to its community, on May 22nd 2014, aEONRG, LLC received the Chester County SCORE Small Business Award that was officially recognized by the Chester County Commissioners, Pennsylvania House of Representatives and Senate and by a United States Congressman and Senator. Thank you Angela and SPI for your assistance in launching us!!

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Entrepreneur’ s JourneyTM

Topics critical to Entrepreneurs, are brought to you by experienced Entrepreneurs…

we have been there...done that.

We hope this information helps you to increase your success….

by doing more of the ‘right’ things...

and by avoiding some of the mistakes we have made.

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How Has the Pandemic Changed Entrepreneuring


First, we should look at what exactly happened:

> We were indoors- preferably at home- for a year or more;

> We were away from other people - people we do not live with - for that time;


That means:

1) We did NOT do many things:

—> Take as many walks, made fewer visits to the gym, did less exercising of all kinds;

—> Did less Shopping of all kinds (stay with me) ;

—> Go to school, work, concerts, restaurants, boating, fishing, the beach;



Some outcomes:

footwear and clothing didnt wear out;

we didnt get that yearly tan;

stores closed;

our cars and trucks stayed parked longer;

many fewer pieces of paper mail and advertising;



2) We DID do other things, or MORE of other things:

—> More on the phone, internet meetings;

—> More on social media, computer games;

—> Trying new recipes in the kitchen;

—> Order/ Shopping online;



Some outcomes:

More matter of fact, fewer intuitive encounters;

People contact: switch on, shut off;

Gained body weight;

Online purchased products not always as we expected.

We reinforced or changed HOW we buy;


Entrepreneurs solve problems by

providing products and services to people who buy them.

Entrepreneurs must SELL those products and services.


In the past, we have demonstrated the product, presented the service.


The product then was sold directly in a group of people (i.e. Amway) OR

was placed on a shelf at a store or market. This was supported with

personal demonstrations and distributions of 'samples'.



The service was sold after a contract was assembled, agreed to, and signed.

Perhaps a deposit is paid.



Sellers must know more about their audience- their market:

How do they buy? What moves them to make the decision to buy?

Online. Will Facebook work? How about Youtube, Instagram, Twitter,

Pinterest, Telegram, or other


The answers/ lessons on selling have been presented to us for many

years/ centuries/ in different civilizations.

Today, sellers have a much larger potential market- being able to reach

around this world.


But...the question still applies:

what will convince a potential customer to buy YOUR product or service?



Bottom line:  Entrepreneurs Create Wealth—

By adding value ...solving problems

 generating profits for Themselves, Customers, and Investors.


More to come


Note:  This is not intended as legal advice, but, rather Operational and Startup Information of past experience.  Your situation may be different than those explained here.

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